Monday, 10 May 2010


There comes a point in ones dull existence where it is completely necessary to sit down, shut up and do some hardcore cramming before judgment day.
I have reached this point several times in the last fortnight and have failed to learn anything. Photographed above is my hour and a half french study time in the garden. I learnt that 'ici' means 'here'. Does it? If it does, shouldn't I have known that for the past.. what? Four years I have been studying french on a weekly basis? Yes. Probably.

Politics is also stressing me out.. as has my new ability to consume unnatural amounts of mayonnaise in fleeting moments..

The blossom, new leaves and the prospect of summer are the only things keeping me content. This morning the sky looked like acid washed denim and the fields like a sun bleached old quilt.

At times like this we must find beauty in our surroundings.. or else our numb over worked minds may just flop. Listen to this and this to keep things bearable and PLEASE keep dancing. o

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