Friday, 14 May 2010

losing track and repetition.

All photographs - Jon Bergman

I love these ancient looking photos, sun bleached and warn. They remind me of the ever distancing memories of my childhood.. very randomly shot items that force a sweet nostalgia on the viewer. They remind me of the slightly odd dotty memories of things like.. the jar of dandelion heads I always associated with visiting a friends house as a child, and when I picture them I can almost smell the place! I find them exhilarating AND comforting- an odd pair of emotions..

Listen to THIS and THIS and maybe THIS..


  1. Told you I would find you! xx

  2. lovely blog! sad you've stopped...

  3. Kim! I do like your pictures! Really lovely, so glad we found one another in this vast vast blogosphere..

    and melski? Sorry for being a bit pathetic recently! Lack of interest stunted my inspiration but thank you for the lovely comment! I will be sure to try harder! o