Friday, 25 December 2009

that darn envy.

Sophie Conti - is far too wonderful. She makes me look even less wonderful than I already am... It's not often you find someone so modest and unpretentious yet tasteful and witty. She exudes all things lightly blunt and tidy but really fucking messy. That's sort of how I see her. ish.

She is hilarious and has the sweetest timeless taste in everything. She makes you want to burn your whole wardrobe in order to rebuild a new one around sensible, elegant and
untimely ethics.
She likes her good quality and her thrift- something I can almost relate to (yet still buy awful nylon eighties things
occasionally). She is obviously born and has lived in all the beautiful and enviable places (Paris, London, Paris again, New York or something to that effect?).
She is quite hilarious and witty and owns quite an array of mind numbingly awesome clothes.
To steal an expression from Discotheque Confusion - she is quite the girl crush- as for the boy crush- he forever remains the laughable childish
pipe dream that is Ash Stymest. OOps. o

Sophie Conti from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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