Monday, 28 December 2009

the masked house party.

oh my.
Having never been faced with the chance to attend a masked anything -let alone a ball- I jumped at the opportunity of attending a masked house party. I expect throwing back the improvised cocktails and face planting into all the wrong things will be my two main activities through out the night. With my judgment fogged by a stupid number of improv cocktails I expect to return home a broken woman. Probably physically more than mentally. After many an hour pondering masks and generel attire I was set on something slightly resembeling a fox but that all went tits up as I lost interest and ended up slightly cheating. I bought a cheap feathery number at UO t'day. Aw man, I am too lame. I must get that imagination of mine into gear before the dust settels and the rust forms. Here are the silly inspirations and the feathery number that isnt really worthy of a spraff. o

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