Wednesday, 20 January 2010

list of demands to self.

(1 Chrissie Hynde 2 Grace Slick 3 Patti Smith)

Oh 2010. What to do with myself?
So maybe its nearing the end of January and I still haven't thought anything through.
And maybe it's time I did that? Nah, I'll just stick to planning February.


What to wear? Take inspiration from wonderful
black and white photos of very cool independent female musicians. Be bold but not vain. Stop trying to fix your hair, it's not happening. Red lips to brighten up the grey days and ankle booties untill the sun comes out.

Attitude? Positive and determined. Jump the hurdles you've been excusing for years. Get enough sleep, but not so much sleep you wake up at half two and wonder where the day went. Thats bad.

Listen to? Melow but guitar solo-ey music. That means Jefferson Airplanes 'Volenteer' album, Early Pink Floyd before Sid died- y'know all the stupidly long songs that are half introduction? Yeah, them.

Oh and don't stay up untill 2am reading blogs in the hope that it won't show in the morning. It always does, it always will..keep your caffine to mornings and afternoons and stop letting the cats sleep in your bed. It looks very much like you have been sleeping with a yeti in the summer.

Happy New year? o

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