Sunday, 22 November 2009

good morning/afternoon/evening/night/hours to early to be classed as morning.

Just a small introduction.
I am trying hard not to take the over exited puppy approach.
Actually i think i already crossed that line with the explanation mark that followed the almost vulgarly large "hello".

I do apologize...

Would it be appropriate for me to share a few interests?
abra enjoys-
  • dressing up
  • eating with her hands
  • listing various loves
  • the sound of unbearable punk electro and grunge
  • taking and admiring others photographs
  • wearing pretty things
  • drinking, eating and smoking pretty things
  • writing and sticking pretty things in her books
  • the jagger lips
  • good films (withnail and i, performance)
  • good music (ariel pink, aleka's attic)
  • good books (heart breaking works, hitchhikers guide)
  • good magazines (i-D, POP)
  • i think i have listed enough now.
  • time to get rid of the bullet points?
  • i think so too.

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